"We aim to be a big part of water solutions in our region!" W. Luke Spiller, MD

Caring for the Communities in our Region

our charity work

It is well documented that the APAC region is significantly susceptible to climate change so far as geography and resource availability is concerned. On Australia's doorstep we have cultures throughout the Pacific Islands and Micronesia that are now seeing increased inundation of non-potable water into their water tables from the sea and lack of sufficient water treatment infrastructure.

APAC Water is committed to aid these communities through strategic projects aimed at resourcing communities with infrastructure they can be trained to maintain. 

In 2014, APAC Water donated over 20% of its profit toward health promotion strategies in Laos. In 2015 we donated plumbing services and materials for the extension to a hospital on a remote island within the Solomon Island nation. 

We are also focussing on water containment and treatment initiatives in Kiribati and as a firm have decided to split our contributions between Laos and a new NPO, the Island Rescue Project . We look forward to working with Carol and her team to save lives and promote sustainable solutions.  Welcome to our family Carol.